Why does the sole have that shape?

Edea is about skaters performing at their maximum and everything in our skates is designed with this focus. The shape has been beveled to increase sensitivity this allows the skater to greater range of movement and thus outperform skaters in old fashioned boots. Fully ventilated so the flow of air keeps the foot dry and it helps the inner materials to dry quickly.
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Why should I use Edea Screws for the ‘quick and easy’ mounting system?

Edea screws are especially designed for mounting your frame. They have a double helix to allow the screws to hold the sole better and are shorter to match the thinner sole. For added safety they are not pointed so the holes should be predrilled before frame mounting. We also zinc plate them to stop rusting ONLY the Edea screws supplied with your skates to ensure secure mounting.
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Can I use any frame?

YES! Edea skates are designed to mount all makes of frames. Because the sole has been especially designed for better performance it is thinner than old fashioned ones and made with new hi tech material. This means you can also use the Edea hi/low screws which are supplied with the skate to and mount your chosen frame with the new ‘quick and easy’ mounting system.
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How should I clean my ‘Fly and Flamenco’ boots?

The upper in our ‘Fly and Flamenco’ boot is made of two materials: a smooth microfiber and a mesh fabric. Both should be cleaned with unscented soap and water. You can use a sponge for the Microfibre and a soft toothbrush for the mesh fabric.
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What kind of socks should I wear skating?

We recommend microfiber socks that can slide easily into the shoe. They adapt to the shape of the skater’s foot, don’t crease and dry more easily. If you are still growing and have a slightly larger boot we suggest for the first part of the season you use cotton socks which will create some friction with the inner lining and hold the foot in place.
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How do I lace and tighten my boots?

Every athlete has his own personal technique for lacing their boots. At Edea we’ve looked at this issue and have included our recommendation on the lacing page.
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