More control – Greater Sensitivity


Great skaters feel the edges and Edea’s boots are designed to maximize this feel. Innovative design means a thinner sole for greater sensitivity and a lower center of gravity for more control. Revolutionary heel design and rounded sole increases control and allows deeper edge leans.

  1. Control and Sensitivity
    StibiljFor skaters the feel of the skate is paramount to their performance.
    The better the fit the greater the control.
    Edea skates are designed using the latest materials and technology to maximize that feel.
    When you wear Edea boots for the first time, you’ll feel a brand new sensation, a natural control of movement that is thanks to the combination of design and material that give the skate a lower profile.
    sottopiedeEdea skates are made with a fiberglass and nylon insole. These modern materials allow more of the force generated by the skater to be transmitted to the frame increasing power, increasing the feel and increasing the control. They also allow for the thickness of the sole to be reduced thus lowering the centre of gravity and giving the skater even more control and stability.
    center-gravityIn addition to a lighter stronger sole that gives more power and control the reduction in height has allowed Edea to re-engineer the fitting of the boot to ensure the foot and sole are perfectly in contact ensuring superior performances. This also allows skaters to perform deeper edge leans.


    All the design improvements increase stability allowing the skater greater control of the edges especially during step sequences and dancing. In a sport where millimeters separate success from failure these innovations give Edea skaters the edge.
    All these features ensure the foot is stable in the shoe so giving the skater extra confidence.
    It also means that the laces don’t need to be over-tightened across the upper hooks and can be left looser allowing for greater flexibility and range of movement.

  2. Stability
    taccoAs well as the shorter distance between the ground and the foot which lowers the centre of gravity Edea’s unique heel design further adds to the stability in the boot.
    The specially created wedge shaped heel helps to distribute the weight more evenly. The curve on the heel also increases weight distribution, allowing the heel to be in contact with over half the insole giving the skater a sense of oneness with the roller. This is especially true when landing from a jump – where the superior stability gives greater control over the edges of the frames enabling the skater to change steps rapidly.
    stabilita-rollerAll Edea heels are integrated with the insole to provide greater feel with extra screws providing a further safety measure.
  3. Planar

    Old fashioned rollers are based on ice skating boots that actually have a curved base to help the skater.
    For Roller skating the sole was straightened through the frame mounting.
    This meant not only was the boot being weakened and pulled out of shape but that it wasn’t providing the right support for the foot inside the boot.
    It also meant it was harder to mount the frame accurately which effected performance and sometimes even meant wedges being required making the mounting even harder, less accurate and leaving an ugly wedge showing.

    planarBy thinking of the roller skater first Edea revolutionized roller skate design.
    We were the first company to introduce a flat bed for the foot with the heel and sole aligned on a single plane.

    For Roller skaters this has meant:


    planar controlloThe heel and the sole are fully supported by the flat plate allowing the natural alignment of the metatarsus-phalanx. This allows the plantar-flexor muscles to remain at their optimum length letting the muscles to react more rapidly ensuring better balance and control.


    natural foot positionThe toes are naturally positioned inside the boot, allowing the articulation to be aligned correctly and distribute the load more evenly over a larger area of the front part of the foot. This not only increases the comfort of the boots but reduces injuries and stress fractures caused by excess strain.


    planar no sottopuntaWorking with a flat-surface makes the frames easier to mount, allowing greater accuracy and improving performance. The shoe design now works with the foot to provide greater support and comfort adding to the improved performance.
  4. Twist
    antitorsioneOld fashioned skates flexed under the strains of competitive skating eventually twisting out of shape.
    Extra weight through steel bars were added to prevent this torsion.
    morandinEdea have engineered their boots with a modern Nylon and Fiberglass insole that makes them resistant to this torsion and lighter for the skater as no other inner support required.
    The modern engineering has allowed Edea to design the shoe so the foot can still bend slightly to match the position of the frames.
    The lightweight honeycomb structure also reduces the vertical compression on the sole and ensures comfort for those long skating sessions.