Set of 100 HI-LO SCREWS for the ‘quick mounting’ frame on Edea boots.
Designed for use in plastic materials, these screws are the latest version of self-tapping screws, in terms of research and performance.
While the self-tapping screw has a single thread, the HI-LO SCREW has 2 threads.
The larger thread is DOUBLE the height of that of the self-tapping screw and runs at a 30° angle (compared to the 60° angle of its self-tapping counterpart)
The smaller thread has a height and angle that is similar to that of the self-tapping screw.
The distance between the threads is almost double that present on the self-tapping screw.
These elements allow the hi-lo screw to incorporate much more MATERIAL than its self-tapping counterpart, increasing the hold.

The length of the screw corresponds exactly to the total thickness of the insole and blade combined. It is important to drill the holes perpendicular so the screws can hold properly.

The screws are not pointed so the sole must be predrilled before fitting. This also means they do not cause discomfort to the foot when fitted.

The screws are made of lightweight, innovative materials; they screw in fast and do not rust.