Specialist kit for quick mounting includes:

Frame mounting stand
For quick and precise frame mounting our stand is practical, portable and can be attached to any table or worktop. Once set, the frame and boot are held tightly together.

Made from metal with the following features:
• Base to be screwed on to the worktop.
• Tilted boot prop.
• Locking-bar (holds the blade fast to the sole) with leather lining to avoid damaging the frame.
• Lateral threaded rods to adjust the height of the locking-bar.
• 2 knobs to fix the locking bar on to the boot at the correct height.

Drill bit extension 2,5mm
Edea soles need pre-drilling. Our extension makes it easy.
The extra length allows precise drilling with the frame in place. Specially measured drill bit holder ensures accurate depth of holes.
2,5 mm drill bits are used to allow Hi-Low screws maximum hold.
A spare bit is included together with the hex key.

With an extra long blade and PH2 tip so screws can be tightened with precision..

Carbon filler
Essential for repositioning blades. Each pack includes 25 x 2,5 mm diameter pre-cut carbon bars.

When working on the boots stay clean and stylish with our red apron.