Quick Mounting

Mounting a frame is a time consuming and fiddly process, particularly at the sole where the shape of the shoe can make it awkward to drill holes, line up screws and drill them in, and thus get the accuracy that give roller skaters the performance standards they require.

suola-forata-flyEdea designers have developed not only a revolutionary sole for the skater to improve performance but also a new way quicker, more accurate way to mount frames.
planar• Firstly the new planer concept means a flat surface to mount the frame making accuracy easier and the job quicker. No longer do wedges have to be included to give the perfect mount.

• Secondly the new planer concept means no need for angled holes- simple straight predrilled holes are all that is required for Edea boots.

viti-hi-low-ruote• Thirdly, by using specially designed hi-tech screws with a double helix we’ve also been able to make the screws not only shorter but mountable from the outside, again increasing accuracy while reducing the time taken to mount frames.

Our design also means there is no need to counter sink the screws.


pneumatic stand roller (1)We have created specialist kits to help the dealer to ensure your frames are fitted to the highest standard. Dealers can use the fixed EDEA skate mounting tool to ensure maximum accuracy when fitting the frames.
We recommend that you take your skates to a recognized Edea dealer for frame mounting.

The main differences with our quick mounting system is that it is quicker.
There is no need for countersinking or trying to hold screws in place in the sole when tightnening the frame. This means instead of 30 minutes a pair the job can be done in under 5 minutes.
Steps for Quick Mounting:

montaggio ruote  quick1. Frame mount holes need to be pre drilled.
You need to drill right through the thickness of the sole. For the heel we recommend drilling to a depth of about 2cm. This should be done quickly so the waste material from the sole can be removed more easily.
quick mounting 22. The hi-low screws need to be inserted slowly. This allows the double helix to bite into the sole material. For best results and to ensure the frames are balanced tighten the screws alternatively in a cross pattern. Screws should be tightened using 5n force – they should not be over tightened.

Both drilling and fixing of the screws need to be perpendicular to the sole.
If the holes are drilled at an angle or the screws tightened at an angle the frame will not be properly mounted.

If you want to watch how it’s done then take a look at this video.